First Look: Keke Palmer Transforms into Broadway's 'Cinderella' [Photos] |

First Look: Keke Palmer Transforms into Broadway’s ‘Cinderella’ [Photos]


Keke Palmer makes her Broadway debut in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella tonight, and here we have our first look at several of her ‘Cinderella’ looks courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.

Triocone Costumes gave a behind-the-scenes look at Keke’s royal transformation with Tony award-winning costume designer William Ivey.


KekePalmer_2014-Sep-09 2

The Peasant Dress: 

Though this peasant dress looks polished at the moment, the piece appears much more filthy during the show — or as Palmer says in between getting her hemline shorten or parts of her shirt tucked in, “It looks like it’s been living in the woods for weeks.”

“Many Cinderellas in the history of telling the story have Cinderella in grey because she’s in cinders. I just thought, ‘Who wants to see Cinderella in grey?’ explains Long when deciding how to design the ensemble. “You can be influenced by the cinders, but you started out in a nice dress, so this is very warm — it’s brick brown red, green.”


The White Ball Gown:

“This is me in my own head: ‘OMG girl, you look so beautiful! What are you going to do when you get out there. This is a dream come true girl. Girl, just enjoy it. Just trying to live in the moment. It’s a moment I’ll never forget,'” says Palmer when asked about how it feels to be wearing the gown, which Long notes that the bottom half contains 14 layers of mixed materials including sparkle sheer, brocade and nylon, with a mix of hotfix and Swarvoski jewels added on the top layer. Wondering how Palmer will be able to move while donning that much fabric? There’s a hoop added at the top of the skirt so “it helps her go up the stairs,” says the costume designer.

KekePalmer_2014-Sep-09 3

The Stepsisters Coral Dress:

In the production, Palmer borrows this coral and gold ensemble from stepsister Gabrielle, who turns out to be an ally, only to have her evil stepmother, Madame (Shepherd) rip it apart when she sees her wearing it. However, thanks to Cinderella’s fairy godmother (Judy Kaye), the rags from this outfit are magically transformed to a gorgeous golden gown (pictured below).

and lastly, The Gold Gown:

KekePalmer_2014-Sep-09 1

Which is your favorite of Keke’s Cinderella looks? Be to see these and more when you check out Keke starring in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella on Broadway starting tonight!

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