Fire Burn Victim Fighting Erika Jayne Over $9 Million Payment After ‘RHOBH’ Star Alleged Fraud in Court

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Erika Jaye’s Husband Tom Girardi Allegedly Swindled $11 Million From Gas Explosion Burn Victim.

via: Radar Online

A man owed millions from Jayne’s disgraced husband has fired back at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star in court, has learned.

As first reported, Jayne’s estranged husband Tom Girardi was forced into bankruptcy by his creditors in 2020. The once-respected lawyer, who was later disbarred, was accused of running his firm, Girardi Keese, like a Ponzi scheme.

Many of his clients shared similar stories involving Girardi. They claimed he was able to secure financial settlements in legal disputes but had excuses when it came time to pay out the money.

Recently, Girardi and his associates were charged with wire fraud. Prosecutors accused Jayne’s husband of embezzling $18 million from clients between 2010 to 2020.

Jayne has been dragged into the case after the trustee presiding over the law firm’s bankruptcy sued her for $25 million. The lawsuit demanded she return money the firm spent to pay the bills for Jayne’s company, EJ Global.

The reality star has denied having any knowledge of her estranged husband’s financial dealings. She said she believed he was an extremely high earner who could afford their lavish lifestyle.

As we first reported, Jayne recently asked the court to not approve certain payments the trustee intended to make to creditors. The Bravo star accused the trustee of moving too quickly and rushing to “make reckless agreements” with “purported” creditors.

Jayne claimed she recently uncovered alleged fraud committed in the bankruptcy. She said her lawyers have launched an investigation into the matter and will be contacting the Department of Justice.

She claimed the trustee’s planned payments should be paused until she completes her investigation.

One of the creditors to receive payment was Joseph Ruigomez and his family.

Ruigomez hired Girardi to represent him in a case against Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) after a 2010 gas pipeline explosion caused him to be burned on over 90 percent of his body. His girlfriend died from the incident.

PG&E agreed to pay $11.5 million. However, Ruigomez claimed Girardi failed to pay him the full amount and has been fighting to be paid in the bankruptcy case.

Jayne said while she has “great sympathy” for Ruigomez, she said he’s already been paid over $11 million.

She said, “The Ruigomez creditors, while wholly deserving, already have received tens of millions of dollars in cash and other value from GK. The Trustee should not be intimidated by threats of continuing interest on the claims of the Ruigomez creditors, if further investigation would show that additional payments to them would amount to a windfall exceeding their actual loss. Many other legitimate creditor victims have not received a penny.”

Now, in newly filed court documents, obtained by, Ruigomez has fired back at her attempt to delay his payment. He argued that Jayne had previously alleged fraud but has yet to present any evidence of fraud and “does not state how the alleged fraud relates to this motion, or what the fraud is.”

He said that “Erika’s counsel made similar fraud allegations as Erika makes in her Opposition, All of the fraud allegations in the past and in the Opposition were and are simply conclusory statements by Erika’s counsel, which is not evidence before the Court.”

Ruigomez added, “And if there were fraud upon the Court, why has Erika not filed evidence of such fraud with the Court particularly since this case has been pending for over 2 years and 7 months.”

Ruigomez said Jayne has claimed he’s not entitled to the $9.7 million payment that was to be paid by the trustee. “Again, Erika has provided no evidence,” Ruigomez said.

A judge has yet to rule on the matter.

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