Fetty Wap Makes History as First Artist to Have First Four Singles in Billboard's Top 10 Hot Rap Songs... Simultaneously


With his new single Again arriving at number eight on the Hot Rap Songs chart, 25-year-old Fetty Wap makes history as the first artist to have his first four singles occupy the top ten at the same time.

You read correctly: Almost half of the current top ten entries on the Hot Rap Songs chart belong to new artist Fetty Wap.

Trap Queen (a.k.a. the song of the summer!) currently occupies the number two spot; My Way featuring Monty sits pretty at number three; and 679 featuring Remy Boyz stands tall at number five.

Now don’t get us wrong; other acts have had four top ten singles occupy the Hot Rap Songs chart simultaneously but not their first four singles.

Oh, and before you go downplaying the Hot Rap Songs chart, Fetty Wap has three singles currently in the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Congratulations, Fetty Wap!

[via Billboard]

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