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Fetty Wap Explains Why He Took a Break From Making Music: “I Kinda Got Depressed”

Fetty Wap was one of the hottest new rappers out in 2014. Within a few short years, however, Fetty fizzled out following his meteoric rise to the top.

via: Revolt

“If I could say so myself, I’d say it was more so the people I had around me wasn’t experienced,” Fetty explained of his decision. “Like, nobody was experienced, honestly…And what happened, it was just like, in the process—you know how it go, you feel me? In the process, I’m tryin’ to figure out why this goin’ on, why this goin’ on, and then you know, the finance part, like yo, what’s up with this, what’s up with that.”

According to the New Jersey star, he is signed to RFG Records and 300 Entertainment, but he found himself footing most of the bills related to his music career.

“I felt like I had to do everything myself!” he told Fat Joe. “For the tours, I put up all the bread for the tours. I paid for all the tour buses. Everything came out of my expenses. It was like, ‘I gotta pay y’all, but I’m paying for everything else!’” He eventually admitted that he “kinda got depressed in a sense” after all that he had to deal with.

Not mentioned in the story was the death of his four-year-old daughter Lauren Maxwell, who passed away back in August and accusations that he’s involved in a drug ring. Fetty did, however, address the allegations earlier this month in an Instagram post, writing, “Loyalty can be both a great trait and a deadly one… choose wisely with who you stand with but never change what you stand for Never bend Never Fold. Head up like a nose bleed #ImOnBorrowedTime if it ain’t life it ain’t forever I’ll be back better wiser and smarter.”

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