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Female Security Guard Accuses Cardi B of Using Her ‘Long Fingernails’ to Scratch Her Face During Alleged 2018 Assault

Cardi B was sued for assault over an alleged incident that occurred in 2018.

via: Radar Online

The female security guard who sued Cardi B over an alleged assault at a medical office revealed new details of the incident in court.

The alleged victim, Emani Ellis, filed an amended complaint as part of her court battle with the Bodak Yellow rapper, which RadarOnline.com has obtained.

In it, Ellis described the alleged encounter with Cardi in greater detail. The security guard said she was working at a Beverly Hills medical building on February 24, 2018.

During her shift, Ellis said she noticed Cardi leaving a doctor’s office.

Ellis approached Cardi but things went south. The alleged victim claimed Cardi maliciously struck her in the head, face and body.

In the amended complaint, Ellis’ lawyer added that Cardi allegedly used her “long fingernails and sharp objects causing [Ellis] to sustain facial injuries including cuts on [Ellis’] face.”

“The cuts on [Ellis’] face later turned into facial scars requiring plastic surgery, which [Ellis] received,” the lawsuit read. “[Cardi] also swung at [Ellis] to strike her in the face and body.”

Ellis claimed that Cardi spit on her which landed on her face, body and clothing. In addition, Ellis claimed that Cardi used multiple profanities and racial slurs against her.

Sources close to Cardi claimed Ellis tried to take a video of the pregnant rapper before she told the world about her being with her daughter Kulture.

Ellis claimed she suffered serious bodily injuries, mental anguish, and anxiety. Her lawsuit claimed she had to receive psychological and medical treatment to deal with the aftermath of the alleged assault.

To make matters worse, Ellis claimed Cardi’s team called up the medical building after the incident and got her fired.

Ellis’ lawsuit demanded unspecified damages.

Cardi denied all allegations of wrongdoing in the case. She claimed Ellis provoked the acts “about which she now complains.

The rapper accused Ellis of assault. Cardi said her actions were done in self-defense.

The case is headed to trial this year. Recently, Cardi demanded certain evidence and testimony not be discussed in front of the jury.

Cardi asked that any reference to other fights she had with third parties not be talked about and that testimony about her net worth not be heard.

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