‘F*ck Your Breath’: Video Shows Deputy ‘Mistakenly’ Shooting & Killing Unarmed Eric Harris [Video]


Raw video footage of an Oklahoma deputy ‘accidentally’ shooting and killing an unarmed man earlier this month has been released — and it’s devastating.

73-year-old deputy reserve officer Bob Bates fatally shot Eric Harris while working undercover for the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Violent Crimes Task Force. Bates was summoned to help as officers attempted to arrest Harris after he allegedly sold meth to an undercover cop.

According to Bates, the shooting was a complete accident after he mistook his taser for his handgun. In the clip, you hear Bates shout “Taser! Taser!” before pulling the trigger on his gun, firing a round into Harris.

via NY Daily News:

“He shot me! He shot me, man. Oh, my god. I’m losing my breath,” Eric Harris says as he struggles on the ground following the April 2 shooting, which flew under the radar until video emerged a week later.

“F— your breath,” a callous officer can be heard saying. “Shut the f— up!”

The Daily News notes that Sheriff’s Capt. Billy McKelvey said officers claim they did not know Harris had been shot. Capt. McKelvey also added that the officers administered first aid upon the discovery; Harris died roughly an hour after the shooting — all of which is a complete lie.

As you see in the video below, Bob Bates acknowledged ‘I shot him. I’m sorry!’ almost as soon as he pulled the trigger.

Watch the footage below (Warning: It’s graphic & contains explicit language):

The Tulsa Police Department will not investigate unless the sheriff’s office requests that they do.

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