Father Nasty! Priest Arrested for Stealing $99,000 from Parrish to Pay for Sex With Men He Met on Grindr

Rev. Joseph McLoone, a priest at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Chester County, Pa., was arrested on Wednesday for stealing nearly $99,000 from his parish.

No only did he steal the money — but he used that mooney to pay for sex with men he met on Grindr — a gay dating app.

via NYDN:

According to the Chester County District Attorney’s Office, the 56-year-old resident of Downingtown, Pa, “accomplished this theft by diverting parish funds into a secret account, misappropriating fees charged to parishioners, and other fraudulent activity.”

He’s charged with several counts, including theft and receiving stolen property.

The pastor’s scheme started in 2011, after he took over as the congregation’s pastor.

He opened an account at a TD Bank, which he named “St. Joseph Activity Account.” For the next six years, McLoone allegedly diverted approx $125,000 in donation checks written to the St. Joseph’s Parish into this account.

The source for the money came from donations for the use of church by schools, fees paid to the parish for weddings and funeral services, as well as gifts made out to the parish.

The pastor quickly increased his income by, among other means, doubling his stipend for Masses and weddings he performed, and stealing checks and cash from a yearly celebration named “All Souls,” which totaled nearly $40,000, according to Chester County District Attorney Chief of Staff Charles Gaza.

Some money has been recovered, but McLoone ultimately stole $98,405 from the parish, and “took full advantage of the lack of control over the activity account and used it to fund his personal lifestyle,” Gaza said in a statement.

“His lifestyle included a beach house, travel, dining and spending on adult men with whom he maintained sexual relationships,” he added.

McLoone sent thousands of dollars to men he met on Grindr, Philadelphia Magazine reported. He paid them using online payment methods such as Square and J-Pay.

He has been released on $50,000 bail, and expected to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Sept. 18

Another day, another gay priest.

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