You Are the Father: DNA Test Confirms Future is the Father to Eliza Reign’s 1-Year-Old Daughter

Future is officially a father for the 8th (that we know of) time.

He is confirmed to be the father to Eliza “Reign” Seraphin’s 1-year-old daughter, Reign Wilburn, after a DNA test came back as a positive match.

The results came back in the legal battle between Future and Eliza after she had courts force him to take the test.

via The Blast:

As The Blast previously reported, last year, Eliza sued Future for paternity, child support and custody. She accused him of being the father to her daughter and demanded temporary custody. She believed he should pay $53,000 a month based on his income.

Future responded to the lawsuit by rushing to the court pleading for an injunction. He admitted to having a sexual relationship with Eliza from 2016 until 2018. He claims she started harassing him after finding out she was pregnant.

He filed a separate federal lawsuit against Eliza accusing her of defaming him. Future said she took private information learned during their encounters and spread it around town. A judge recently dismissed the majority of his claims in court.

Over the weekend, Future posted sweet notes to six of his other baby mamas including singer Ciara. He failed to mention Eliza as one of the women on Mother’s Day.

Another woman he failed to mention is Texas-based Cindy Parker. Last year, he sued him for paternity, child support, and custody.

At one point, Cindy and Eliza joined forces to have their kids take DNA tests. They posted the DNA test results showing their kids had a 99.9% probability of being half-siblings.

Earlier this year, Cindy quietly dismissed her paternity lawsuit with all signs pointing to a settlement being reached outside of court.

Future remains with his current girlfriend, Lori Harvey, who has stayed loyal despite the ongoing drama.

Lori…girl…are you sure? You don’t have to do this.

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