How Fat Joe Landed His “Joenuary” Slider Deal with White Castle [Video]

Fat Joe’s rap moniker doesn’t exactly suit the Terror Squad vet these days. Noticeably slimmer, the 51-year-old Bronx native has stepped up his fitness and diet regimen over the years, resulting in his smaller physique.

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Earlier this week, Fat Joe announced that he’s partnering with fast-food chain White Castle on two new menu items: the Spicy Joe Slider and Sloppy Fries. “I’m here to destroy your New Year’s resolution,” Joe says in a new White Castle commercial.

The company is calling the month-long promotion “Joenuary” and bringing back two customer favorites as well — the 99-cent Sloppy Joe Slider and the Smoky Joe Slider. In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Joey Crack broke down exactly how he landed a deal with one of America’s first hamburger franchises.

“I was giving my Verzuz recap on ‘The Fat Joe Show’ the day after The LOX’s battle against Dipset and telling people how the energy in the room made me grab White Castle and tap into my Bronx roots,” he told HipHopDX. “The team at White Castle saw the viral video, reached out to show love and the rest was history.”

The White Castle rep. was one of over 985,000 people who viewed Joe’s viral Instagram recap of The LOX and Dipset Verzuz. Within the clip, an excited Joe details his dinner plans after the epic night.

“I’m going to tell you some real shit. The shit was so real yesterday, so thugged out, so New York, do you know where I went to eat dinner yesterday after the battle? Take a guess. I went to White Castle,” Joe admits. “If you from New York, you know where I went … to get White Castle.”

He even told viewers his exact order that night: “A couple double cheese, a couple onion rings, clam strips. I haven’t been to White Castle in eight years. I just wanted to live this shit all the way out,” he said. “I could’ve went wherever the fuck I wanted to go. Guess where I wanted to go? White Castle. I sat in the parking lot, started eating, making a mess — real Bronx shit.”

Five months later, and Joe is the face of White Castle’s “Joenuary” slider campaign. White Castle has all kinds of fun and surprises lined up for the month, including Joe-inspired memes and trivia, as well as original “joetry” (poetry) and “joekes” (jokes), according to a press release. The Sloppy Joe family menu items will be available through Feb. 19, but don’t expect Fat Joe to eat too many.

The Terror Squad rapper told HipHopDX: “It’s all about eating in moderation, like any meal. I still treat myself to White Castle sliders while making other adjustments to my exercising and dieting habits. You just have to be disciplined and committed, so that mindset lets me enjoy White Castle while still slimming down.”

Check out Fat Joe’s White Castle commercial below:

At one point, Hip Hop was shunned by big companies that didn’t want anything to do with the genre. Now, Ice-T, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and other pillars of the culture often pop up on television commercials, cereal boxes and other promotional ephemera.

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