Not So Fast! George Zimmerman Selling Trayvon Martin Painting for $30,000 Is a Hoax [Photo]


Many of you love muffins have been emailing and tweeting us links to a story alleging that George Zimmerman sold a painting of Trayvon Martin for $30,000.

The story isn’t true.

However, Zimmerman did paint a picture that sold for $100,000 on ebay, and he did see some controversy surrounding his use of a photo of Special Prosecutor Angela Corey.

When news of the story first began to circulate, a writer for the Washington Post contacted George Zimmerman’s brother Robert who responded with the following:

“If that were true I would denounce it as repulsive myself,” Robert wrote me. “There is no way George would even contemplate disparaging the likeness of Trayvon Martin. Professional digital pot-stirrers are ‘at it again’ and amusing themselves by disrespecting a tragedy.” He added, “The circulation of these fraudulent images puts George in danger. People who believe the stories are rightfully incensed. It appears that is the objective of the parties behind the fabrication of the false news stories and forged art.”

The website from which the story originated has the following disclaimer at the bottom of their site, reading:


And there it is.

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