Fantasia Says Her Collaboration with Brandy and Jazmine Sullivan Has Been Canceled: 'Some People Had to Stop That Movement'

Fantasia shared back in March that she had plans for Jazmine Sullivan and Brandy to collaborate with her on a song for her upcoming album, but sadly the song has been canceled.

via Rated RnB:

During a press run for Sketchbook and her supporting fall tour, the Grammy winner confirmed the devastating news about the now-shelved song with Cheddar’s Hope King and Brad Smith.

“Unfortunately, it did not go through,” said Fantasia. “It’s politics to this, and when you’re doing something independent and you’re stepping out against the grain, sometimes storms and tests will come; but I’m used to the rain, so I’m okay.”

While the all-female collaboration won’t appear on Fantasia’s first indie album, she’s optimistic about the future. She still considers Brandy and Sullivan her favorites, stating, “They give me chill bumps.”

Fantasia also spoke about the collaboration during another listening session for her album.

“It will happen. It’s the politics. I’m an independent artist. Some people had to stop that whole movement because they didn’t want it to happen, but it will happen…”

Check out both clips below.

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