Fantasia Barrino Defends Her New Man's Criminal Past: 'He's Just Like Me' [Photo]

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When Fantasia introduced her new love Kendall Taylor to the world a few weeks ago, not even 24 hours had passed before it was revealed that he was a convicted felon.

Some of you love muffins didn’t think it mattered, while others were concerned that Fantasia was destined for another troubled relationship. Unfortunately when you choose to make certain things public you open them up to criticism and scrutiny.

Fantasia took to Instagram to defend her man and their love. She posted the above photo along with the caption:

YOU!!! & My Kids are the best… My kids are the Happiest I’ve Ever Seen.. 13 years of Doing it All Alone with Zion NOT BY CHOICE.. I have a Son who’s Father is Great!! He is an Amazing Dad and THAT I can’t take AWAY from Him.. Thanks Cook???? To be able to see my Niece and Zion Come lay on the Bed and him go to the room with them and just Talk for Hours About ( Grades, Boys and Family) makes me feel so Good all OVER???? LORD….. This man Past is why I fell for him. (He’s Just Like Me) I sit and watch a strong Black Man get ready for work EVERY MORNING???? (suited Up) and Running of a Company that a Husband and WIFE seen something inside of him to be able to do… Mrs.G and Mr. G we Love you.. Thank you so much for believing in those who have been thru something’s but have nothing but Favor over their lives… I think about all the things he has told me and I’m Like Man!!! Nothing but God.. This event was his lane and the GREAT PEOPLE HE WORKS WITH.. You Can’t tell me God won’t take something Out of Nothing and Turn it into SOMETHING???? I Love This Man And He is Crazy about me also he HATES WHEN I POST HIM cause he’s not about that life..

As we told you before, Kendall mentors young boys who are offenders through the MOVE program in Charlotte — so maybe he has indeed turned his life around.

“Through his teen years, he began associating with what was considered as ‘the wrong crowd,’ his bio on the organization’s website states. “Kendall began experimenting with sex, drugs and alcohol. At the age of fifteen, he became a father…Lacking maturity and strong male guidance, Kendall began walking deeper into dark places. Places that robbed him of his education, his childhood and ultimately, his freedom. He was arrested and incarcerated in a facility hundreds of miles from home.”

“He began to clearly hear and respond to the call of God on his life,” the site claims. “He laid down the failures of his past and began to carry his cross for the sake of Christ.“

Well amen.

[via Radar Online]


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