Fans Debate Whether Drake is a Bigger Superstar Than Michael Jackson [Photos] |

Fans Debate Whether Drake is a Bigger Superstar Than Michael Jackson [Photos]

Is Drake bigger than Michael Jackson? That question from Rap TV currently has the late pop star trending on social media as fans debate who is the bigger celebrity.

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Billboard pointed out that MJ’s Billboard Hot 100 record for most top 10 hits from the same album was untouched for 37 years, along with the Beatles‘ 57-year-old record as the only act to hold the top five in a single week. However, cuts from Drizzy’s Certified Lover Boy — “Way 2 Sexy,” “Girls Want Girls,” “Fair Trade,” “Champagne Poetry” and “Knife Talk” — occupied Nos. 1 to 5 on the Hot 100 chart to tie him with the Beatles, while nine tracks occupied the top 10 on the chart dated September 18 to break Jackson’s feat.

Fans of both artists took to social media to state their cases, some pointing out the “differences” in the legacies between the two.

Aside from numbers, fans believe there is no way Drake is a bigger superstar than MJ. Twitter user @BritniDWrites tweeted, “Michael Jackson had people going into full on shock and passing out before he even sang a note. MJ stood on the stage and just LOOKED at the crowd & they caught the Holy Ghost. Drake could never. There will NEVER be another Michael Jackson. So, let’s stop these silly debates.”

“I like Drizzy just the rest of us idiots, but bigger than Michael Jackson?” wrote @IdiotScottie. “MJ had fucking video games based on him. My idiot kids like MJ more than Drizzy and they are asshole teens who fit perfectly into Drake’s demographic.”

Social media user @leigh_AndraK tweeted, “The question is not whether Drake is as talented as MJ, but whether he is as popular which he is. 1. He might not be popular to late 90s and older kids but he is to this generation who don’t even know MJ like that. 2. MJ had 45 years in the game, Drake probably 15 or less.”

“Michael Jackson stood for 3 straight minutes of cheering at the Super Bowl and Drake got booed off stage cause the crowd wanted Frank Ocean,” tweeted @_McCormick_1003. “MJ is so far above everyone.”

Twitter user @9thwonder wrote, “We just can’t be that bored. LOL. There is no comparison to Michael Jackson. We will never see that again. Everyone was IN the house bruh when ‘Thriller’ was on. IN the house. I mean, STOP EVERYTHING you are doing and run IN the house.”

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