Fans Are Concerned About Wendy Williams Again After Odd Behavior On Her Talk Show: 'Something Is Definitely Wrong' [Video] |

Fans Are Concerned About Wendy Williams Again After Odd Behavior On Her Talk Show: ‘Something Is Definitely Wrong’ [Video]

Wendy Williams fans are raising a bit of concern for the talk show host’s well-being after Friday’s episode of her show.

Apparently, her behavior was a little too reminiscent of that 2017 episode where she passed out live on air.

via Madame Noire:

In today’s show, viewers said she had the same look in her eye that she did then. In addition to that, she talked very slowly, even walked very slowly (while wearing comfortable Nike Air Max sneakers) and struggled with long pauses and unclear commentary. The worrying behavior can be seen within just the first few minutes of her opening Hot Topics segment.

People had a lot to say about not just the Hot Topics segment, but the entire show.

“From the time she came out you can see something isn’t right,” said commenter @LWalkerSkinner. “Don’t they tape early in the day? Whatever it is , it’s too early to be using it. Please someone take care of her. Don’t let this continue.”

“She’s been this way since the start of the new season…but it [sic] getting worst [sic] by the day,” said @herggwrites. “I think she’s using again and they are enabling her for that check!”

As for Twitter user @JoHorrible, she simply asked, “WHAT IS GOING ON WITH @WendyWilliams RIGHT NOW?!”

“Wow! #WendyWilliams show today is a total train wreck,” said commenter @philtrueblue who was shocked by Wendy’s state. “Wtf is going on. Is she over medicated, drunk, high or all the above. It was painfully obvious today. Get better Wendy.”

“Wendy always says just dress her up, get on her makeup & wig and push her thru the double doors. Please stop pushing her thru the double doors anymore,” said commenter @vernydale about today’s awkward showing from the talk show queen. “Slurred speech, unsteady, Sandra instead of Shondra, and so on. Clearly she is high and needs help.”

The last time Wendy’s health became a topic of conversation she began to take lengthy hiatuses citing Graves’ disease.

We’ll see if she addresses her behavior when she returns on Monday, but for now take a look at a clip from the show that has people talking.

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