Fans Come to Shannon Brown’s Defense After A Recent Photo Of Him Surfaces Online [Photos]

After going on a hiatus last year, Ice Cube’s Big3 League returned for the first time since 2019 a couple of weeks ago, and so far, the season has been a success. But fans a lot to say about the two-time NBA champion Shannon Brown’s appearance during a Big3 game.

via: Hot97

Former NBA player Shannon Brown was trending on social media on Friday night after a recent picture of him went viral.

Brown has been out of the league for several years now and currently plays for Ice Cube’s Big 3 league. Shannon hasn’t surfaced on the scene in a while until now. His fans came to his defense when some online users began to criticize his new appearance.

One Twitter user replies to the viral photo, “people on here clowning Shannon brown for how he looks Now. God forbid something happen to him or he harms himself , it’s gonna be “i feel bad you never know what people going through “. Ya don’t care about people’s mental health ya just say it to look good for social media..”

More of his fans came to defense. Take a look below.

You don’t know what other people are going through.

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