FAMU Football Team Suspended After Real Boston Richey Video Shoot

Florida A&M University suspended all football-related activities after a rap music video featuring some of the team’s players was filmed without permission in a football locker room.

via: Rap-Up

The football team landed in hot water following rapper Real Boston Richey’s surprise music video shoot in their locker room. The unauthorized filming led to a suspension of team activities and a launched internal investigation.

Richey and his crew found themselves under scrutiny after filming the music video for “Send A Blitz” in FAMU’s Galimore-Powell Fieldhouse. Released on Friday (July 21), the visuals — which saw the artist and his team turning up in FAMU gear, including football helmets — quickly amassed 311,000 views.

In the song, the Tallahassee native rapped, “Catch an opp lackin’, that’s on my mama, we shoot s**t on sight. We was trappin’ Bubbs when n**gas ain’t have no Bubbs, that’s why we pipe. You either flyin’ P’s or you f**kin’, that’s how you get your flight. B**ch, I like a big ol’ a** and titties, I ain’t got no type.”

FAMU head coach Willie Simmons announced the suspension of team activities on Friday, expressing concern over the potential violation of the university’s branding and licensing rules. The footage raised questions about who permitted the musician’s use of the locker room and equipment. It subsequently sparked a comprehensive internal investigation.

Simmons voiced his disappointment on Twitter, indicating that the explicit language in the video clashed with FAMU’s core values and principles. “As a result of this unfortunate situation, as head football coach, I am effectively suspending all football-related activities until further notice… It’s a privilege to wear the Orange and Green,” he stated. “Our young men have failed to live up to the standards set for us.”

He went on to emphasize that the incident served as a learning opportunity for the players to embody the best version of themselves, intending to uphold the pride of Rattler Nation.

The coach also scheduled a team meeting for Monday (July 24), planning to unravel more details about Richey’s locker room intrusion. Elsewhere, he acknowledged potential legal issues tied to the visual’s release.

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