Exclusive: 'Saving Our Daughters' 501(c)(3) Federal Tax Exemption Status Revoked + IRS Preparing to Audit

After the release of Kenya Moore’s text messages and receipts exposing Saving Our Daughters for lying about receiving money from Kenya Moore’s charity event in honor of NeNe Leakes, you love muffins have been sending in information left and right.

We did a little digging, and as it turns out that Saving Our Daughters charity isn’t actually recognized as a charity — at least not by the IRS.

According to the IRS website, Saving Our Daughters, which is legally recognized as Saving Our Daughters Publishing Inc. (Note: The listed address matches the address Curtis texted Kenya), had their 501(c)3 status revoked in May of 2013. The IRS publicly posted notice of the revocation on August 12, 2013. Kenya Moore’s charity event was held in October 2013.

Saving Our Daughters‘ federal tax exemption was automatically revoked for its failure to file a Form 990-series tax return or notice for three consecutive years.

Why would such a large charity receiving thousands of dollars a year not file proper tax returns for three consecutive years?

We at lovebscott.com have also learned that the IRS is preparing to audit Saving Our Daughters.

According to our sources, S.O.D. was allegedly working with a PR firm to plan an event to be held during All-Star weekend. While planning the event, the PR firm had one of their IRS contacts look into the organization and they discovered that S.O.D. had their federal tax exemption status revoked and wasn’t being legally recognized as a charity.

The PR firm then brought this information to the attention of Curtis Benjamin and he allegedly not only admitted to not having his stuff together, but also asked the IRS contact for help — but it’s too late. The source says the IRS is preparing to audit the entire Saving Our Daughters charity and freeze the bank accounts of everyone involved until they find out how much money is REALLY coming in.

Speaking of money, if you watch Braxton Family Values you remember when Trina, Towanda, and Traci went on the show and won a rather large sum of money on behalf of Saving Our Daughters.

We’re not gonna tell you what we heard happened to the money, but we were told that things didn’t exactly end up the way they were supposed to.

Receiving money as charity without not actually being federally recognized as a charity is a criminal offense. This could explain why Saving Our Daughters and Curtis Benjamin went through such great lengths to publicly announce that the organization didn’t receive ‘thousands’ of dollars.

Something really shady is happening here…

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