Exclusive: Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam Allegedly Got Their Peaches Cobbled by a Long Dong Stripper on 'RHOA' Cast Trip -- And There's More

We tried to let this one slide by.

We really did try to stay out of this — especially after having to tell the whole truth about NeNe Leakes getting fired over and over again until she finally admitted she was forced out of the show.

However, we can’t sit by and let the wrong tea make its way across the internet.

If you caught the last episode of ‘The B. Scott Show’ podcast, then you know B. Scott exclusively revealed that things got a little hot and heavy between a few ladies of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ and a male stripper in Charleston, South Carolina.

As other reports have come out over the next few days, it’s clear that whoever is sharing the information is leaving some things out — and that’s creating some confusion.

You love muffins have been asking, tweeting, DMing, sending smoke signals asking “Who was it? Who were the two ladies who allegedly had sex with the stripper in South Carolina?”

Well, lovebscott.com can exclusively reveal that the two ladies who allegedly had sex with the male stripper were Porsha Williams and the very engaged Tanya Sam.

Does that surprise you? If not, then you may be surprised to hear that there was allegedly some girl-on-girl-on-girl action that went down before Porsha and Tanya made their way into the bedroom with the man.

Did you catch that extra girl? Newcummer Newcomer LaToya Ali gets an honorable mention for her willingness to swim with the fishes.

Anyway, the girls thought they were being sneaky when they got their peaches cobbled by hiding from the cameras — but they underestimated the power of the microphones. Production has usable footage, but it’s unclear if it will be featured in the show. We also hear that some of the ladies involved are suggesting possible legal action to stop the footage from airing.

We’ll see how it all plays out.

Again, we had every intention of letting this tea brew until the time was right¬† — but we can’t let you, our dear love muffins, go around with the wrong information.

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