Exclusive: Oakland Raiders' Offensive Lineman Trenton Brown Accused of Tricking Ex Diorra Marzette-Sanders Into Relinquishing Guardianship of Their Son Under False Pretenses

There has been a new development in the domestic violence case between Oakland Raiders offensive lineman Trenton Brown and the mother of his child.

A judge has ruled that Diorra Marzette-Sanders is allowed to proceed on an Intentional Misrepresentation Claim against Trenton.

Because of the ruling, Diorra will be able to take her claim to trial. The claim alleges that Trenton and his mother, Tiffany Brown, made misrepresentations of fact to persuade Diorra to sign documents relinquishing guardianship of their son Jacoby.

According to Diorra, Trenton and his mother told her that the document was necessary so that Trenton’s mother could take Jacoby to doctor’s appointments in Texas while the couple was working to find housing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Upon finding out that’s not true, Diorra is now ready to have her day in court to prove that Trenton and his mother mislead her.

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