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Ex-Lakers Star Trevor Ariza Estranged Wife Files For Restraining Order Over Alleged Abuse, Tells Judge ‘I Am Constantly Worried’

Back in September, Trevor Ariza’s wife has filed for divorce from the NBA player.

via: Radar Online

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, Bree Anderson Ariza filed a petition for a protective order against Trevor. She wants him ordered to stay away from her and not contact her, claiming she fears for her safety.

She wants the judge to order Trevor to not be allowed inside her home. Further, she wants sole custody awarded to her with the NBA star having supervised visitation.

In the restraining order petition, Bree said that during their marriage, Trevor “engaged in acts of extreme physical abuse towards me.”

“He was verbally and emotionally abusive to me. Some of the abuse occurred in the presence of our children,” she said.

“I have been financially dependent on Trevor throughout our marriage,” she explained as to why she stayed until she had the courage to leave. She said she hoped filing for divorce would put an end to the alleged abuse but she said it hasn’t.

However, she said Trevor has continued and called her a “h—” and a “b—-” in front of their children and says he “threatens me on a regular basis.”

She said Trevor lives half a mile away which makes her uncomfortable. Bree said he has entered her home without her knowledge, “as he thinks he has the right to come and go from my residence as he pleases.”

She said at one point he threatened to change the locks and leave her homeless if she didn’t obey all of his directives. Bree said Trevor is still refusing to pay her child support and has threatened to take away the kids.

In the petition, she detailed an alleged incident in August 2021 where she said Trevor showed up at her home. Bree said he was “very angry” and demanded she turns over her cell phone. She refused.

Bree claims he threw her on the bed and started choking her but let go right before she passed out. She accuses Trevor of having punched her with a closed fist and then continuing to punch her multiple times.

Bree said another incident went down on February 17, 2020, where Trevor allegedly choked her until she passed out. “He immediately grabbed me by the throat and started choking me until I was unconscious.”

She pointed to a September 9, 2020 text that Trevor allegedly sent her that read, “Me putting my hands on you has cause me to feel like I’m nothing.”

Bree said, “I strongly believe that Trevor’s physical, verbal, and emotional abuse warrants a” protective order.

Bree included several photos of her injuries from Trevor’s alleged acts as part of her request.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Trevor and his estranged wife Bree have been fighting in court for months.

Last year, Bree filed for divorce from Trevor after four years of marriage. She cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split.

Bree listed the date of marriage as April 2018 and the date of separation as “TBD”. The two dated for years before getting hitched.

Bree demanded primary physical custody of their two kids and asked that Trevor receive visitation. She requested temporary child and spousal support from the NBA star.

In response, Trevor demanded joint physical and legal custody of their kids. He asked the court to terminate Bree’s right to spousal support. The case is ongoing.

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