Eva Marcille Responds to 'Wide Neck' NeNe Leakes for Saying She Shouldn't Be on the Show: 'Glue Your Wig All the Way Down' [Video]

Eva Marcille gave birth and is finally ready to rumble.

Earlier this week, NeNe Leakes spoke with Entertainment Tonight and said that Eva shouldn’t be on the cast and that she adds nothing.

“I don’t feel like Eva brings that much to the cast. I’m just being honest. It’s really like, when you look at a show like, everybody — like the whole cast — is away, and you don’t miss the person at all, it’s sort of like, we didn’t even know you were here, you know? And all season, doing a lot of scenes from FaceTime, that’s been the last couple of seasons … So, If I had to change, I would change her,” said NeNe.

Eva had a chance to respond on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and didn’t hold back.

”First and foremost, I was not in Greece because I was pregnant. Now NeNe, who is 55, doesn’t remember being pregnant because of that 20 years ago for her,” said Eva.

She continued, “But I’m a 35-year-old woman with my family and beautiful husband. As far as my relevance on the show, I choose not to every single day be ratchet, there is already enough ratchet, i.e. her, on the show. Why do you need two? I do me, and represent the other part of black women that are smart … well-spoken. That’s who I represent. So, if I’m that boring you spent time in your interview talking about me because your storyline is the fact that you have no storyline.”

She added,“If I do remember correctly, even though I was not in Greece, I was on FaceTime and still got a check. Unlike you who missed seven episodes this entire season.”

Eva ended with these final words:

“This reunion is going to lit. glue your wig all the way down, sweetheart, because it is going down — wide back!”

The scheduled ‘RHOA’ reunion was canceled amid the coronavirus outbreak and has yet to be rescheduled.

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