'Euphoria' Star Sydney Sweeney Opens Up About Why She Won't Date 'Anyone in Entertainment'

Sydney Sweeney has no interest in making her romantic life a public spectacle.

via People:

In Cosmpolitan’s latest cover story, the 24-year-old Euphoria actress spoke about her choice to keep her love life private.

“I don’t date people in the spotlight,” she said. “I don’t date actors or musicians or anyone in entertainment because I can just be normal Syd that way and it’s easiest. I have a great support system.”

Added Sweeney, “I have people who will battle for me and allow me to be on the pedestal and shine without making me feel like, ‘Oh no, I’m shining too bright and I need to step back.’ “

“I look for a best friend,” she also said. “I need to be able to be with someone who I can literally hang out with 24/7 and never get sick of and we laugh every single day.”

The White Lotus star has been linked to Chicago-based restauranteur Jonathan Davino, 37, since 2018.

Sweeney usually doesn’t speak on or showcase her relationship on social media. But there are photos of the pair out and about together, including from their PDA-filled beach day in Hawaii in late 2020.

Sweeney has subtly addressed her past romances as well. In an interview with Magazine C, the Sharp Objects alum said she had some “dangerous” entanglements following her parents’ divorce.

“There was a period there where my parents tried to shield me as much as possible from the pain and the financial stress. They didn’t explain things to me, and that made me angry,” she recalled last November. “So I acted out, but not in the way you would think. I was a straight-A student in all AP classes. I was valedictorian. I never went to a high school party. I’ve never done drugs, to this day. The acting-out Syd tried to find love through boys. I got myself into sometimes really unfortunate and even dangerous relationships.”

But Sweeney has since learned the importance of self-love.

“Being able to love yourself before allowing anyone else to love you — that’s where true happiness and healthiness comes from,” she added. “It’s a part of my own life that I wish I could go back to.”

As Sydney’s star continues to rise, we hope she has a strong support system in her corner!

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