Erika Jayne Reveals Why She's Still Married to Tom Girardi: 'I Just Don't Think About It' |

Erika Jayne Reveals Why She’s Still Married to Tom Girardi: ‘I Just Don’t Think About It’

Erika Jayne says finalizing her divorce from estranged husband Tom Girardi is last on her list of legal priorities.

via Page Six:

“In the order of all of the problems I’m facing, it’s probably the absolute last thing [I care about],” the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published Tuesday.

“I just don’t think about it. The day I filed for divorce and we were legally separated, that was it for me.”

“We are in very different places. I have a lot to clean up and pick up and move on.”

Jayne added that the timing of everything all comes down to needing to protect herself.

“Even after a two decade-plus marriage, that’s what it came down to, looking out for yourself,” she explained.

The reality star, 52, filed for divorce from the 84-year-old disgraced former attorney in November 2020 — just one month before the families of the victims of the 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 airplane crash filed a class action lawsuit against him for allegedly stealing their settlement money to fund his lavish lifestyle.

In February of this year, he was indicted by federal grand juries in California and Illinois for embezzling more than $15 million from clients, including $3 million from the crash victims’ families.

Jayne has vehemently denied any knowledge of his alleged crimes and even expressed “empathy” for the victims of Girardi’s alleged embezzlement in a statement given to Page Six.

Despite backlash from some “RHOBH” viewers, the singer, who is currently performing in her Bet It All On Blonde Las Vegas Residency through December, recently filmed another season of the long-running Bravo series.

And despite the fact that she still hasn’t finalized her divorce, Jayne is keeping her heart “open” for a potential new romance.

But at the moment, she’s still grieving the death of her marriage.

“You have to grieve a marriage,” she said.

“I had a complete change of life — not just a marriage. [It’s] a sickness of a spouse, and then losing your home, and your money, and all at one time, so grieving that sort of stuff and working through the legal problems is a lot. My heart will always be open,” she continued.

At one point she said if she divorced now she’d be on the hook for paying Tom alimony — we wonder if that’s still the case.

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