'Empire' Is Unstoppable: Ratings Rise Again for Seventh Straight Week


Empire climbed again in total viewers last night.

Last week Empire amassed 13.02 million viewers, while last night’s episode drew an incredible 13.8 million.

We provided a breakdown of Empire‘s increasing viewership last Thursday, and here it is with this week’s ratings included:

January 7: 9.9 million viewers

January 14: 10.32 million viewers

January 21: 11.07 million viewers

January 28: 11.36 million viewers

February 4: 11.47 million viewers

February 11: 11.96 million viewers

February 18: 13.02 million viewers

February 26: 13.8 million viewers

Empire also improved in the all-important adults 18 – 49 demo rating (increasing from a 5.2 last week to a preliminary 5.3 this week).

Make no mistake about it: what Empire is doing week after week has never happened in television.

So how do you think Empire will fare next week?

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