Elmo and Zoe Invited to 'Red Table Talk' by Jada Pinkett Smith Amid Reignited Feud Over Rocco the Rock [Photos + Video]

Sesame Street might be coming to the Red Table.

In recent days, clips of Sesame Street’s resident red monster Elmo expressing his ongoing frustration with friend Zoey and her pet rock, Rocco, have been sweeping social media.


In one clip, Elmo can be seen questioning why he can’t have the last oatmeal raisin cookie that Zoe gave to Rocco because Rocco is…a rock.

Elmo took to Twitter to address the situation.

A tweet from Vulture suggested that the trio sit down for an episode of Red Table Talk.

Amid the controversy, Jada Pinkett Smith took to Twitter to invite Elmo and Zoe to the Red Table.

It’s unclear if Elmo, Zoe, or Rocco have accepted Jada’s invitation — but Elmo did release a statement saying he and Zoe are all good.


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