Dwayne Johnson Demonstrates How to Crack Open a Coconut with His Hands and a Rock on Easter [Video]

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared how he indulges in Easter sweets.

The actor shared a video via Instagram on Easter Sunday in which he demonstrated how he manages to crack open a coconut using only his hands and a rock.

“Here’s the face of a coconut,” he shared in the clip, gesturing to the bottom half of the shell. “Two eyes, mouth, nose…”

He then used a rock to crack the hard shell, eventually splitting it and allowing the coconut’s water to flow into the bowl.

His daughter Jasmine, did her part to help her dad by holding a silver bowl to catch the delicacy.

“There we go,” he noted, showing off the halved coconut, taking a bite, and then offering a taste to his daughter. “Aloha!”

Check out the video below. There’s something very inappropriate we could say here — but we won’t!


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