Drew Sidora on Her 'Breaking Point' with Ex Ralph: "Enough is Enough"

Drew Sidora is reflecting on the end of her marriage to Ralph Pittman and what lies ahead for them.

via: Page Six

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, who previously accused Pittman of being a “serial cheater and adulterer,” revealed to People that their split was due to a “culmination of things that should not happen in a marriage.”

“I think the inability to own it, the inability to apologize, the inability to work through it, the inability to care about my emotional state and wanting to work and heal that, was very challenging,” the 38-year-old explained.

Sidora said things reached a “boiling point” once they started filming the Bravo series, leading her to feel “embarrassment on top of what we were dealing with behind closed doors.”

“[It was] definitely the breaking point and enough is enough,” she continued.

“And I didn’t see that coming. Of course I was forever, but it was like [there was] nothing else left for me to hold onto because the behavior and inappropriateness just never stopped. It was just too much.”

Along with accusing Pittman of adultery, Sidora also claimed her soon-to-be ex-husband abused her mentally and financially.

Despite the accusations, the Bravolebrity is “hopeful for an amicable divorce.”

“I’m hoping for a great co-parenting partner. I’m hoping for us to come out of this and be able to be friends and be respectful,” she told the outlet.

They share two children: son Machai, born in June 2015, and daughter Aniya, whom they welcomed in February 2018. The actress also has an older son, Josiah, from a previous relationship.

Both Pittman and Sidora, who wed in 2014, filed for divorce in February — just one hour after one another.

Their marriage has been under scrutiny ever since Sidora joined “RHOA” in 2020.

At one point in the show, Sidora even revealed she stopped wearing her wedding ring due to Pittman’s questionable relationship with his former female assistant.

The assistant in question previously offered Pittman a massage in an allegedly flirty text exchange, putting Sidora — and several of her co-stars — on high alert.

To make matters worse, Sidora claimed Pittman gaslighted her into believing that the situation was just a “figment of [her] imagination.”

Meanwhile, co-star Kandi Burruss, who stood by Sidora’s side amid the drama, recently told Page Six that the mother of three “seemed happy” right before ending the relationship.

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