Summer Walker Claps Back at Jess Hilarious As She Comes to the Defense of Her 'Cheating' Boyfriend Lil Meech [Photos + Video]

Summer Walker is coming to the defense of her boyfriend, Lil Meech, following some unsavory accusations from Jess Hilarious.

via: Daily Mail

Summer Walker has leapt to the defense of her ‘cheating’ rapper boyfriend Lil Meech in a furious rant this week.

The songstress, 27, took to her social media in a heated exchange with comedian Jess Hilarious over comments she made about the situation.

The funny woman, 29, said that Summer was doing ‘too much’ after she sent a message to the alleged other women.

Jess then advised Lil Meech, 22, real name Demetrius Flenory Jr, to ‘keep cheating’ before going on to claim the rapper was ‘smelly’.

Amid the furore Meech -who is the lead star in 50 Cent’s BMF series – also accused comedian Jess of sending him her own flirty messages.

In messages seen by The Shade Room a furious Summer wrote: ‘& Jess your really a weird *** **** what black woman hoped another black woman keeps getting cheated on lol like hug? That’s dark,’.

‘& then congratulates a man, tries to link with him n turns around a short time later to say he stink [sic]’.

‘Have you even met either of us? I understand you wasn’t nobody’s first choice on that show [MTV’s Wild N Out] but this isn’t how you try to solidify your spot. Like you JUST missed being a n**** by a chromosome lord forgive me but damn!’.

‘You’d think being so ugly you’d try to be sweeter. Being ugly inside and out isn’t a good combination & will NOT get you far in this industry’.

The rumours of the rappers started when snaps were shared online of a woman, who was not his girlfriend, wearing his hoodie and chain.

Hitting back Lil Meech wrote in a social media post: ‘Y’all need help and will believe anything, Summer ain’t going nowhere so everybody can go back to their f***ed up lives and keep hating — we on vacation’.

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