Drake Sells $415 Socks And More For Air Drake Anniversary, Fans React [Photos]

Drake has celebrated the anniversary of Air Drake by dropping off a lavish collection of comfort wear inspired by his jumbo private jet, and the price tags are raising some eyebrows.

via: Vibe

The products, designed by Elder Statesmen, include a $415 pair of cashmere socks, a $995 eye mask, a $4,100 blanket, and a $3,515 bathrobe. Revealed on Wednesday (May 10) via the Drake Related Instagram page, the items can be purchased on the associated website. “First class anywhere you sit,” the post’s caption read. “For the first time ever experience the elevated luxury of Air Drake. @TheElderStatesman crafted an exclusive line […] For a limited time, in commemoration of Air Drake’s anniversary.”

While anything the OVO leader releases tends to generate a lot of excitement, this particular drop was met with negativity. “drake gotta be outta his dam mind selling 1 pair of socks for $415,” one user wrote. Another said “these sh*ts better have me floating.”

“Nah Drake releasing $400 socks and $4000 robe is wild,” another user wrote. “And some crazy stans are going to purchase that, thats why I put him on my Top 5 crazy stans list smh.” Time will tell whether fans join in on celebrating his Boeing 767 unveiled back in 2019, but the initial reaction is much hysteria.

This isn’t the only thing fans have complained about regarding The Boy and money. In March, the pre-sale for his It’s All A Blur Tour with 21 Savage kicked off but was far from a smooth experience. Fans discovered that they needed to own a Cash App debit card to participate. Also, the initially advertised tickets which were set to cost as low as $69.50 were actually starting at $400. While Ticketmaster offered some $280 tickets, they were scarce and located in the nosebleed section of the venues.

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