Drake Denied Entry To Kanye West's Roc City Classic Concert [Video]

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.52.43 PM

Drake may have pulled ‘a Beyoncé’ by dropping his surprise mixtape on iTunes in the middle of the night — but Beyoncé would have NEVER had to watch a Kanye West concert from outside the venue barricades.

Poor Drake.

For whatever reason, (it looked to be a security/capacity issue) Drake was denied access to Kanye West’s Roc City Classic concert last night.

In the video below, you see Drake waiting patiently outside of the barricades. The clip then cuts to members of Drake’s entourage talking to security/police officers who are directing them in the opposite direction.

Drake ends up enjoying the show — just from outside. Way outside.

We’re hoping this was just some sort of miscommunication…because we can’t imagine Kanye & Drake having any real issues.

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