Dr. Dre to Pay Nicole Young $100 Million in Divorce Settlement, Keep All 7 Properties

Dr. Dre has reportedly settled his divorce from ex-wife Nicole Young with a property settlement agreement.

Dre says he’s “delighted” that Nicole is only getting a fraction of his estate.

According to the terms, Dre has agreed to pay Nicole $50 million now, and an additional $50 million a year from now.

Dr. Dre’s estimated net worth is $820 million.

As it turns out, the prenup that Nicole contested was upheld.

Dre will keep seven of the properties they own together — one in Malibu, two homes in Calabasas, four around Los Angeles — including the former couple’s $100 million Brentwood estate.

Dre also gets full right to his master recordings, trademarks and interested in various partnerships and trusts. He also keeps all of their Apple stocks, which includes the proceeds from the sale of Beats by Dre.

When it comes to their vehicles, he’s getting to keep six and she’s walking away with 4. She’s also walking away with jewelry, money, and her own bank accounts.

She won’t be getting any spousal support.

Hopefully now they can go their complete separate ways and we don’t have to hear about this divorce any more. They’re done!

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