Donald Trump Falsely Claims He Won the Popular Vote Because 'Millions' of People Voted Illegally


Donald Trump woke up this morning and decided he was going to lie to the good American people in response to Jill Stein’s recount proceedings.

The president-elect got on Twitter and told everyone he actually won the popular vote because ‘millions’ of people illegally voted for Hillary Clinton.

Now, that’s not true. But even if it were true — wouldn’t that be enough for him to push for a nation-wide audit?

Taking one step further, Donald claims there’s been widespread voter fraud in several states.

Again — if this were true, wouldn’t he be eager for an audit?

via Slate:

The latest numbers show that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 2.2 million votes and that apparently is gnawing at the president-elect who won a convincing electoral college victory, which is all that really matters anyway. But the numbers aren’t to be believed  because of all the illegal votes, according to Trump who doesn’t cite any evidence to back up his explosive claims.

He then goes on to repeat his oft-repeated claim that it would have been “much easier” to win the popular vote than the electoral college.

Trump never cites any sources and his campaign wouldn’t go into details about the claims but the information the president-elect is citing appears to have originated with the website InfoWars, which often pushes fringe far-right conspiracy theories. The story that claimed there were three million illegal votes was based on a couple of tweets that someone sent with absolutely no evidence.

Little wonder then that Politifact seemed to have little doubt about rating the claim of millions of illegal votes as “false.” And it didn’t do that today, but on Nov. 18 yet that didn’t stop the man who will soon be the commander in chief from tweeting about it as if it were the truth. The Washington Post’s fact checker rated Trump’s claims with “four Pinocchios.”

We’re still in disbelief that this man will be running our entire country for the next four years. Let’s hope this recount effort achieves the nearly-impossible and puts Hillary in office!

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