Does Frank Ocean Have A New Boyfriend? [Photos]

Frank Ocean Riccardo Tisci Lovebscott 3

Well well well…

Judging by Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo Tisci’s Instagram, it looks like he and Frank Ocean have gotten quite comfortable together. Tisci posted tons of pictures of Frank all throughout the night of the Met Gala — including the cute shot above of them smiling.

The most scandalous pic, however, is the one below posted by Riccardo with the caption:

“Please…don’t go”

Frank Ocean Riccardo Tisci Lovebscott 2

…and before that there was this slightly intimate pic of Frank…in the dark.

Frank Ocean Riccardo Tisci Lovebscott 4

Let’s not forget that the two met when Frank was invited to Givenchy’s show during Paris Fashion Week. Granted, there were tons of men wearing bow-ties last night, but we can’t help but think they’d make a super cute couple (does anybody know what happened between Frank & Willie?). What do you think?

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