Diddy Says Only Two People Are Allowed To Call Him By His Birth Name [Video]

Diddy has been known by many names over the years — Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, and, most recently, Love.

via: Vibe

Diddy went for a ride with James Corden for an episode of Carpool Karaoke as part of The Late Late Show On Thursday (April 20). During their drive, the music mogul not only sang along to some of his hits, but also revealed a few random things about himself: like who’s allowed to call him “Sean.”

The super-producer, rapper and entrepreneur has many aliases including Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy, Love, and his birth name Sean Combs. According to the multi-nicknamed impresario, only two people in his life are allowed to call him by his first name: his mother Janice Combs and Jay-Z.

“We call each other Sean,” Diddy revealed about fellow New Yorker Shawn Carter before adding, “There’s not a single person outside of my mother that should be calling me Sean.”

However, Diddy assured Corden, “You can call me any of the approved names.”

Chronicling how all of his aliases came about, he explained, “I was born Puffy and then I became P. Diddy. Then they called me Diddy because I was so pretty. And then Puff Daddy and then I became who I am now, which is Love. L-O-V-E, not Brother Love, just Love.”

Corden then asked the “Gotta Move On” rhymer to dub him with his own nickname, with Diddy calling him “Love” as well. “We’re both Love, we’re both trying to have fun,” he said.

The two then indulged in the nostalgic feels of Puffy’s anthem, “Bad Boy For Life,” from his third album The Saga Continues.

Corden then brought up an interesting idea regarding Diddy’s eponymous 2001 hit.

“The thing with that song, it goes, ‘It’s Diddy,’ and the chorus goes, ‘The D, the I, the D, the D, the Y, the D, the I, the D,’ which is Diddydid,” Corden pointed out after vibing with the tune’s maker.

Diddy calmly explained, “you don’t have to say the rest of it.” The two hilariously agreed to disagree on that song, before giving his Notorious B.I.G. tribute “I’ll Be Missing you,” some karaoke action.

Further in the episode, the two spoke about the father-of-seven welcoming his newest baby girl, who he named “Love Sean Combs,” his new music label Love Records, as well as some of the CÎROC boss’ bedroom tips.

Watch Diddy’s full episode of “Carpool Karaoke” below.

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