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Diddy Says He Got Legal Letter Telling Him Not to Wear Joker Halloween Costume Again

Diddy’s 2022 Joker costume was executed to perfection — so much so that he says he received a letter from Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. banning him from dressing up as the Joker again.

via Complex:

During his conversation with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night, the Bad Boy Records founder claimed he got in trouble with the film and entertainment studio for his realistic costume as Batman’s archnemesis. Diddy’s costume was inspired by the late Heath Ledger’s iteration of the character from the 2012 film The Dark Knight.

However, the 53-year-old made it clear to the WB’s legal team that he will take things to the next level with his costume this year, and they better pay attention to him. 

“Last year I was the Joker, and I actually got a letter from the studio that I can no longer be the Joker because they said it broke their trademark that I did it too good, I swear,” Diddy said. “I have this letter from Warner Brothers.” 

He added, “Tomorrow, Warner Brothers lawyers, can you see me? Put this camera on me right here. Head of legal, tomorrow, watch what I do.”

Diddy’s 2022 costume was so good that he got into a heated exchange with Power actor Michael J. Ferguson in the middle of the street. Ferguson was annoyed by Diddy’s costume and called him a “pussy,” not knowing who was under the facepaint. Diddy let out a Joker-inspired laugh before calling Ferguson a “clown.”

The two went back and forth, with Diddy questioning why Ferguson had an issue with him. “What’s up, baby? You don’t like me?” he said. “If you don’t like me, you muthafucking fronting. Get to it, bitch. Don’t fucking play with me on Halloween. I’m out here with love, n***a.” 

He added, “You fucking pussy, make sure you won’t never talk to me like that. We’re having a good time. Why you wanna come at me like that? You got a problem? You really taking over my energy right now? What did I do to you? Do you know who I am?”

Cooler heads prevailed as Diddy told Ferguson who he was, and they embraced. “You’re lucky ’cause I’m really about that,” Diddy added, to which Ferguson replied, “I’m with it, too.”

Legal letters for a Halloween costume? That’s new.

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