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Diddy and Cassie may have agreed to a settlement to prevent more details of his alleged abuse from becoming public, but now that Cassie’s truth is out more people are stepping forward to back up her claims — and add more.

A witness who was around when Cassie got a breast augmentation back in 2009, has come forward to reveal the level of control Diddy had when it came to Cassie’s body.

According to the source, Diddy was unhappy with the breast augmentation he pressured Cassie into getting and demanded celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan remove them just ONE day after he put them in — despite the health risks.

via Daily Mail:

Speaking exclusively to DailyMail.com the witness said: ‘Diddy thought they could go right back into surgery, like now, and take them out.’

‘And Dr. Ryan was like, ”No way,” trying to explain to him that we should wait at least six months to see how it heals because she was just opened up. 

‘But Diddy was like, ”No, they’ve got to come out, call who you need to call, they’ve got to come out”.’ 

The witness, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the discussion took place shortly after Thanksgiving in 2009 at the office of Dr. Ryan, who died the following year in August 2010, when he accidentally drove off a cliff in Malibu while sending a text message. 

The inside source said she did not speak out at the time, to avoid causing more problems for the couple. 

But that calculus changed last Thursday when Cassie, whose full name is Cassandra Ventura, filed the bombshell lawsuit accusing the hip-hop mogul of controlling and abusing her for over a decade. 

The singer claimed Diddy had plied her with drugs, viciously beat her, and forced her to have sex with multiple male prostitutes while he watched and recorded the encounters. 

‘I never thought Cassie would ever come forward to talk about all of this,’ the source told DailyMail.com

‘When she finally did yesterday, I was like, thank God. I’m so happy she has the courage to do what she’s doing, and I was more than happy to come forward myself to describe the level of abuse that I saw she was enduring.’

But just a day after the lawsuit became public and the insider spoke to DailyMail.com, Diddy announced that the two had settled the lawsuit in Manhattan’s Federal District Court. No specific details on the terms were revealed.

But the witness to the 2009 episode in the plastic surgeon’s office, meanwhile, shared her account to help corroborate one core contention of Cassie’s lawsuit, that Diddy was deeply controlling.

‘I’ve always been traumatized myself about what I saw,’ the witness told DailyMail.com

‘To me, watching this, it was just so cruel, so horrible. She was treated like a rat. It was literally like her voice was snatched and there was nothing she could do, that if she started standing up for herself, she’d be in trouble. 

‘She knew to keep quiet and go along with whatever he’s saying.’

Speaking on Diddy’s role in Cassie’s boob job that same year, the witness said she first became concerned during the initial consultation, when he accompanied her to the appointment with Dr. Ryan.

The doctor had treated a host of stars including Heidi Montag, Gene Simmons, Shauna Sand, and Vince Neil.

Describing the office visit in 2009, the source recalled how Diddy had done nearly all of the talking during the consultation. 

He presented his vision for Cassie’s breasts, as she stood topless before them and had photos taken of her body, she said. 

‘It was him talking about what he wanted,’ the witness recalled. ‘She was like his doll, like a dress up doll. She had a flat chest. He said he wanted a full shape, sexy but not too big.’

The source said that, typically, patients speak for themselves.

‘Usually, men act like I just want her to be happy, even though they know it’s for them,’ the witness told DailyMail.com

‘Men are usually kind of quiet in these consultations. It was out of the ordinary that he was doing all the talking and she wasn’t saying anything. She appeared meek. She was more like a Stepford wife, agreeable, amiable, but quiet.’

Dr. Ryan, excited to have the famous rapper in his luxurious cosmetic surgery office on Brighton Way, was proudly and confidently agreeing with everything Diddy said, according to the witness.

‘He just got into his artistry mode,’ the witness recalled of the surgeon, who charged about $16,000 for the procedure. 

‘He was describing how great the outcome is going to be, how confident he was about achieving the desired results.’

The surgery took place weeks later in another location, with Cassie being released in the evening.

But according to the source, Diddy was furious with the results. 

‘The very next day, he wanted to meet Dr. Ryan and discuss having the breasts removed for a smaller size,’ the source said. ‘He said they were too big.’

Dr. Ryan called the witness, expressing alarm and wanting her to be present for the meeting.

‘He wanted me there,’ she told DailyMail.com ‘He needed some support. He thought there would be strength in numbers, with me helping navigate him through this.’

During this visit, Cassie quietly sobbed as Diddy railroaded the surgeon, the source said.

‘It was the day after surgery, and she looked like she was in pain,’ the witness said.

The plastic surgeon tried to talk sense into Diddy, she said.

‘The doctor was shocked and seemed like he was going to piss his pants, like ‘what am I going to do with this?’ the source said. 

‘He was trying to hold his ground that this was never going to happen, assuring him that we can get to that desired result but that we need time for healing.

‘He was saying there’s a lot of swelling now but that it will go down,’ she recalled. ‘He said, ‘you’re seeing a lot off swelling and lot of fluid, but it will go down.

But Diddy just wasn’t convinced and kept saying ‘No, they’ve got to come out.’

Dr. Ryan succumbed to the pressure.

‘Ok, I’ll get my team together and we’ll take them out, do a smaller size,’ the witness said. 

‘He felt bad for her. And it was sad. It was just so sad. And while this was all going on, Cassie was not talking at all. She was crying, visibly traumatized, but she wasn’t saying anything at all and just going along with whatever he said. 

‘She wasn’t advocating for herself, or for the boobs at all. And he (Diddy) was not comforting her at all.

‘Privately, Dr. Ryan told me this was mutilation, that I can’t even believe this,’ the witness added. ‘He was saying poor Cassie, this is awful.’

The source said the doctor rushed to get the supplies and a team together, and performed the follow-up surgery within a week.

The witness said she never saw Diddy or Cassie again. She kept silent, until now. 

We hope more people come forward with allegations of Diddy’s horrors.

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