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Diddy & Mark Wahlberg Talk Exes and AQUAhydrate on ‘Extra’ [Video]

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“Extra’s” Mario Lopez was joined by Mark Wahlberg and Sean Combs at The Grove. The two talked about their new project together, AQUAhydrate, the Oscars, and got up close and personal about their solo projects. Diddy even opened up about his relationship with ex Jennifer Lopez.

Mark saying he thought friend and “Ted” creator Seth MacFarlane “killed it” as host for the Oscars. “He’s the funniest guy on the planet and what a great place to showcase his talent.” Mario asking, “I know ‘Ted 2’ is in the works. I’m curious have your kids ever seen ‘Ted 1’?” Mark, “They have not…part of me wants to show my sons, but my wife would kill me.”

Mario asking Diddy about a possible new gig for him on the show he hosts, “X Factor.” “We’re looking for a couple of mentors right now…judging slots…

What’s up?” Diddy laughing, “You know, Simon’s pockets is kind of tight and I’m kind of expensive. I have these six kids and these tuitions are out of control.”

Mario, “I was talking to Jennifer Lopez who thought you would be a good judge too. I saw pictures of you guys hanging out. I wanna know how you keep it cool with your ex’s?”

Diddy, “She’s definitely one of the most beautiful people that I’ve ever had the blessing to know and to love and I think that because she’s cool, she makes it cool and also she’s a player. She just knows how to keep all us men in line, you know just to be honest.”

As far as Diddy and Mark as a couple, the two met growing up in the industry. Mark says they met as early as 1991. Mario, “When I first saw you guys hanging out together, I automatically thought alright they’re doing a movie together! Mark, “That’s next.” For now though the two our focused on their water line AQUAhydrate. Diddy, “To me it’s the world’s best tasting water.”

Mark saying how he got involved after drinking the water when he was training for “The Fighter.” AQUAhydrate is a high performance water without the sugar and calories found in traditional sports drinks or vitamin enhanced beverages. Mark, “I noticed that my recovery time was literally cut in half. It’s the science behind the water that makes it so great.

Diddy went on to say, “We’re partners in this. We’re not just celebrity endorsers and we’re gonna make it the water of this generation.”

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