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Diddy Documentaries Detailing Downfall Reportedly In Development

The continuing legal battle involving Diddy is set to be documented in multiple films by several production companies.

via: Vibe

TMZ reports that the embattled mogul’s woes are set to be explored through documentaries from both UK and US studios. One of the companies confirmed to be working on a project is ABC News Studios for Hulu.

Producers are reportedly throwing together projects amid Diddy’s legal woes. The outlet states that these documentaries range in subject matter, with some detailing his civil lawsuits and accusations, while others document his recent federal raids. Sources notified the outlet that production for the documentaries went into overdrive after Homeland Security raided Sean Combs’ homes.

Former Diddy associates, dancers, producers, and record label executives have all been contacted for the projects. Combs’ ex-artist Aubrey O’Day, former girlfriend Cassie, and various assistants and security guards have reportedly been contacted to participate in the documentaries.

Cassie’s November 2023 lawsuit sent a shockwave throughout the industry. In the legal document, the dancer accused Diddy of rape, abuse, and sex trafficking.

The New York Times initially reported that the singer’s suit was filed under New York State’s Adult Survivors Act, allowing sexual abuse victims to file civil suits against their alleged assailants after the statute of limitations expired. Soon after, a woman named Joi Dickerson-Neal alleged that Combs drugged and assaulted her while a student at Syracuse University in 1991.

CNN reported that the mogul was accused of dropping a drug into her drink while at dinner. She also claims that the Hip-Hop star allegedly pressured her to smoke weed in the car.

December 2023 found Combs accused of gang-raping a then-17-year-old girl. Rolling Stone originally shared the story, with a Jane Doe alleging Combs, ex-Bad Boy president Harve Pierre, and a third unidentified man gang-raped her at a Manhattan recording studio. Her lawsuit claims that she was trafficked across state lines. She was then allegedly “plied with copious amounts of drugs and alcohol.”

In February, NBC News reported that Rodney “Lil’ Rod” Jones, one of Diddy’s former producers, filed a lawsuit against him. Lil Rod accused Combs of sexually assaulting him. Jones recalls living and traveling with Combs for work from September 2022 to November 2023. During this time, he allegedly recorded hours of video and audio detailing Combs and his team “engaging in serious illegal activity.”

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