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Did Fantasia Just Announce Her Split from ‘Husband’ Kendall Taylor? [Photos]

fantasia kendall taylor split

Fantasia Barrino seems to be going through it right now.

Not only is she mourning the loss of her grandmother, but apparently she’s mourning the end of her relationship with husband Kendall Taylor.


Fantasia posted the above photo of her ring and wedding bands along with the caption:

It’s Done…. The Kids and I Will Always Love You [Heart] i got to stay strong for Granny.. He was the best man I knew kendall you are loved

Last fall, it was rumored that Fantasia and Kendall got married after Fanny first shared photos of her wedding ring. He also tattooed her name on his body.


Taking a quick scroll through Fantasia’s Instagram shows they haven’t been pictured together in about a month…

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.28.34 AM

So who knows if they’re getting divorced or just going through a rough patch. Either way, our heart goes out to Fantasia.

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