Deshaun Watson Will Not Face Criminal Sexual Assault Charges

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson will not face criminal charges after being accused by two dozen women of sexual misconduct during massage appointments.

via Complex:

On Friday afternoon, a grand jury determined that there was not enough evidence to charge the 26-year-old Pro Bowl quarterback, who was facing 10 criminal complaints, as well as two dozen lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct and assault.

“After a Harris County grand jury was presented all the evidence and had the opportunity to hear from all witnesses, grand jurors declined to indict Deshaun Watson. Grand jury proceedings are secret by law, so no information related to their inquiry may be disclosed,” the Harris County District Attorney’s Office said via a statement, according to NBC Sports.

Numerous female massage therapists say the alleged assaults and misconduct occurred during separate massage sessions throughout 2020. Watson is accused of making inappropriate comments, exposing himself, and forcing a woman into oral sex. However, he has denied the accusations, claiming any sexual encounters with the massage therapists were consensual

Although he’s clear of criminal charges, Watson is still facing cases civil lawsuits. 

“We are delighted that the grand jury has looked at the matter thoroughly and reached the same conclusion we did. Deshaun Watson did not commit any crimes and is not guilty of any offenses,” Rusty Hardin, an attorney for Watson, said in a statement provided to Complex. “Now that the criminal investigations have been completed, we are happy to move forward with the civil case depositions. We will vigorously defend those cases with every ounce we have. There were no crimes here but there is a plaintiffs’ attorney churning up negative press and churning up his clients hoping for a pay day. These cases have been the product of a lawyer maximizing his own personal publicity at the expense of others, including his own clients. It is time to let Deshaun move on.” 

All those women can’t be lying — there’s clearly some type of crime going on here. The system is failing.

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