Denver Broncos' Von Miller Flaunts New Woman After Ex Accuses Him Of Wishing Her Miscarriage [Photos] |

Denver Broncos’ Von Miller Flaunts New Woman After Ex Accuses Him Of Wishing Her Miscarriage [Photos]

Von Miller has some serious explaining to do. His former Fiancee Megan Denise has taken to Instagram to expose him after he allegedly claimed he didn’t want their unborn baby.

via: AceShowbiz

Von Miller’s relationship with his ex Megan Denise has turned sour following their split. The Denver Broncos’ outside linebacker has been accused of wishing miscarriage on his former fiancee after she told him about her pregnancy.

According to a screenshot of a text conversation she had with Von about their unborn child, the NFL star allegedly told her, “I’m honestly praying for a miscarriage.” Megan wrote over the screenshot which she posted on her Instagram Stories, “Since y’all want to know. Here’s y’all ‘MVP’.”

In another explosive exchange, Von allegedly wrote to his ex, “F**king disappear!! And get an abortion! You so f**king wack for this. A keep a n***a baby! You lame as hell for that.” She replied, “SMH I’m beyond disappointed. You been tryna get me pregnant for years cut it out. Now it’s ‘I don’t wanta be w you.’ I’m not gonna say anything I’m gonna regret.” She added on the screenshot, “BOY BYE.”

Von has later taken to his own Instagram page to respond to Megan’s claims. Denying the allegations, he called it “Fake News,” before adding, “Lol. The reality of somebody leaving you make some people literally crazy. Classic Trap.”

But Megan wasn’t done exposing him yet. Sharing more receipts of their messy breakup, she posted, “Better relax my boy. Everyone over there knows that I have!! Don’t make me go there.” She went on sharing her message to other abuse victims, “My heart goes out to any woman/ or man who is or has ever dealt with mental, physical, or verbal abuse. Praying death on me and mine was enough!! Protecting me & mine all 2021.”

Von has not responded again to Megan’s latest posts. He seemingly has been kept occupied with his new relationship as he has been pictured getting cozy with another woman.

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old footballer has been trolled on Twitter over the drama with his ex-fiancee. Fellow athlete and professional basketball player Ramon Clemente weighed in, “Awwww mannnn Von Miller is wildingggggggg no wayyyyyyy.” Comedian Matt Fernandez additionally enthused, “Von Miller is definitely one of the best pass rushers of all time. He’s out here trying to sack people before they’ve even been born.”

No one knows the truth but Von and Megan, but this is messy and doesn’t look good for Von. Everyone involved needs to do better it’s a new year.

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