'Delivered' Andrew Caldwell Faces Lawsuit by The Church of God in Christ Over 'I'm Not Gay No More' Song


Andrew Caldwell may have been ‘deliverdt’ from homosexuality — but he hasn’t been ‘delivertd’ from potentially getting sued by The Church of God In Christ.

Ever since Andrew’s testimony during the Church of God In Chris (COGIC) convention went viral, he’s been receiving a lot of attention. The attention led him to release a song, “I’m Not Gay No More” comprised of audio excerpts of his testimony set to a catchy beat along with a choir.

COGIC is not happy with Andrew, claiming he’s making a mockery of the service and is demanding he remove the song since they have ownership of the audio from the service. They’re threatening a lawsuit if he doesn’t.

Andrew says it’s his voice, he copyrighted the song, and therefore he owns it.

Do you think he should remove the song?



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