Deion Sanders Talks Getting Botox at 50: 'I Noticed Frown Lines and Crow's Feet'

Deion Sanders isn’t afraid to admit that he’s a fan of Botox.

via NYDN:

“I noticed frown lines and crow’s feet,” he shared with Entertainment Tonight. “I am like, ‘I have got to do something about this!’”

The 50-year-old also noted, “I am open about everything. I don’t do things in the dark… That is how I live.”

Now that the unwanted lines in his face are gone, he’s got a new lease on life. “I feel great!” he exclaimed. “Fifty is the new 21. I feel young, I feel very energetic, I feel like taking on the world. I feel like challenging people to work out, to live right, to eat healthy, to make the proper decisions in life. I really feel good. I am in a really good place in life.”

Of his decision to get Botox, he wasn’t afraid to break the gender barrier. “There are a lot of things that I have been the forerunner of,” he said. “So, I had never played football and baseball in the same day, so I did that. So, I don’t mind being a leader when it comes to this because it really helps. I feel like I look good, and I feel good.”

It seems as if his minor procedure has readied him for the next phase of his life. “I am pretty much at halftime,” he said. “I feel like at halftime in my life, and now it’s time to go into the locker room and reassess things and come back out with a whole new plan.”

That new plan will undoubtedly mean more Botox. Plus, his wife Tracey Edmonds is a fan of the results. “Oh, she loves it. She loved it! She is ready to go back with me.”

We’re all for making whatever minor tweaks help you feel better about yourself — just don’t go overboard.

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