Deion Sanders Recovering After Successful Emergency Surgery to Repair Blood Clots in Legs [Video]

Colorado football coach Deion Sanders is recovering after emergency surgery to treat persistent blood clots in his legs he announced in a video posted Saturday.

via: Sports Illustrated

The surgical procedure occurred at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora, Colorado.

Coach Prime placed a video call to brief his children Shedeur, Shilo, Deiondra, and Shelomi Sanders on the results. “I told them I had a big blood clot in my thigh that they got out,” Sanders said. “I had some below my knee they got out. I got one in the right leg they’re going to get soon.”

Sanders did not disclose why an additional surgery was necessary instead of removing the blood clot on Friday. He told his daughter, “I’m going to get out tomorrow [Sunday].”

Shilo, his most amusing offspring, joked, “I told them to give you a BBL [Brazilian Butt Lift]!”

Deion Sanders, Jr. was at the hospital and gave his father a two gifts, a chain and watch, following the surgery.

The news is encouraging for Deion Sanders following his initial visit with his medical team last week. His surgeons were concerned that the blood pressure in his left leg was low, causing numbness in his foot.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer wanted to set the record straight in a video saying, “I met with my doctors a week ago, got hammer toes in two toes, and they want to straighten those out,” the former Jackson State head coach told fans. “I’m not receiving enough blood flow in order to do that surgery and another surgery to fix the dislocation of the foot, as well. So this is where we are now. There is no talk of amputation. There’s no talk of any of that whatsoever. The doctors were just telling me worse come to worse, this was going to happen, but I believe in staying right so we never have to take that left.”

Tracey Edmonds, Sanders’ fiancée wrote after Friday’s successful surgery, “We are so grateful for the healing power of God and for all of our prayer Warriors. It was a long but successful day! He is resting and doing great tonight after his surgery! Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Fam! We love you!”

Deion Sanders will take a break before returning to his duties at the University of Colorado. The Buffaloes will open the season against TCU on Saturday, Sept. 2.

Prayers up for Coach Prime.

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