Debra Lee Is Rumored to Be On the Way Out at BET: 'Her Days Are Numbered'

Following BET’s executive shake-up earlier this year, it’s being reported that longtime CEO Debra Lee is getting ready to part ways with the company.

via Page Six:

“Tons of people from Viacom were saying that her days are numbered,” an insider told us.

“She’s been running the place, and it’s struggling .?.?. There are so many layers of internal politics .?.?. It takes 20 calls to get through one insignificant thing,” an insider told us.

Another source said, “I hear it’s about to go down, and it’s her last BET Awards .?.?. Morale is bad. She moved to LA, and I believe she’s trying to get into one of the studios.”

Page Six first reported in May of industry buzz that Lee could be exiting. But a Viacom insider told us of the new departure rumor: “It simply isn’t true.”

The network could certainly use some fresh blood, don’t you think?

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