De'Aundre Bonds, 'The Wood' Actor Who Previously Served 10 Years for Murder, Arrested Again for Assault With a Deadly Weapon

After serving nearly 10 years for killing his aunt’s boyfriend, De’Aundre Bonds, who was released from prison in 2011, finds himself back in trouble for an alleged assault with a deadly weapon.

De’Aundre, who made headlines in September 2015 when he was attacked and beaten unconscious in a Los Angeles neighborhood, was arrested Jan. 24 after allegedly attacking a relative with two kitchen knives.

According to The Los Angeles Times, De’Aundre was asked to leave the relative’s South Los Angeles home but refused to do so.

In a fit of rage, he then grabbed two knives, tossed one in the relative’s direction and stabbed the bedroom door after the relative escaped and locked themself in the room.

De’Aundre, who is most known for playing Stacey in the 1999 film The Wood, faces up to 13 years in prison if convicted.

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