Death Toll Rises to 16 Dead In Mass Shooting at Texas Elementary School |

Death Toll Rises to 16 Dead In Mass Shooting at Texas Elementary School

A man has opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, killing at least fourteen children and one teacher, local officials say.

via: Daily Beast

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the horrific incident at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon was carried out by an 18-year-old who also died.

The assailant abandoned his vehicle and entered into the school with a handgun and possibly a rifle, Abbott said. “He shot and killed, horrifically and incomprehensibly, 14 students and killed a teacher,” Abbott said.

School officials initially said a shooting happened off-campus but the assailant then ran onto school grounds and barricaded himself, forcing students to evacuate. Uvalde Police said about an hour later that he had been taken into custody.

Uvalde Memorial Hospital said in a statement that it received 13 children via ambulance or buses. Two were declared dead upon arrival but the hospital did not say what their injuries were. Local outlet KSAT reported that both victims were children.

Another two children have been transferred to San Antonio, which is about 90 miles away, and one child is pending transfer, the hospital said.

Another local hospital said it was treating a child and an adult but didn’t provide details on their condition or injuries.

A nearby business owner told 1200 News Radio that he saw a suspect exchange gunfire with law enforcement, including Border Patrol, before taking cover in the school. He recounted seeing kids being evacuated through windows.

This is a developing story. It will be updated.

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