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DDG may have reached a breaking point with the public’s interest in his and Halle Bailey’s relationship.

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Sunday (Dec. 31) morning, DDG took to Snapchat to answer a few fan questions regarding him and Halle Bailey. In the clip, when posed with the question, “Do you have a daughter?” the Michigan-bred content creator said, “No, I do not know why people are so invested in what I got going on and what we got going on. Mind your business. Go outside. Touch some grass, go do a cartwheel in your backyard or something.”

He continued, “I am not going to lie, I love my supporters, but y’all do not know me. Whatever is going on in her life or my life is not going to change yours.” He finished the answer by stating, “In 2024, let’s focus on ourselves and stop worrying about other people.”

Later in the video, he shared his frustration with a fan who claimed she “Likes DDG for Halle.” He emphatically stated, “I don’t give a d**n if you like me for her. What do you mean you like me for Halle, who likes you? Why do you care so much? Halle is not your daughter.”

This is not the first time DDG has shared frustrations with fans discussing he and Halle’s relationship on social media. During a recent interview with REVOLT, DDG opened up about dating Bailey and blocking out negative opinions. “We don’t really pay attention to any of that, to be honest – it’s the internet, it’s Twitter, and they aren’t real people to me, personally,” he explained.

“We’re best friends. We’re surprisingly very alike, and we can kick it. She’s very fun and a funny person — because humor and personality is a big thing for me,” the “I’m Geekin” hitmaker shared regarding their chemistry. “We can not act like boyfriend and girlfriend — which we do because we display PDA and stuff — but beyond that, we can chill, and that’s the best part.”

DDG claimed he spent $500,000 on Bailey for Christmas and detailed the whole day on his Snapchat account.

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