David 'Big Papi' Ortiz Is Being Extorted By Hackers; Warns Fans Not To Accept Anything From Them [Video]

David Ortiz claims he’s being extorted.

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The 47-year-old former Boston Red Sox player and MLB hall of famer, also known as Big Papi, shared a message on his social media in Spanish, opening up about what was happening.

According to Boston Globe, David says that hackers have obtained an old cell phone of his and are demanding he pay them a serious amount of money in order to not leak personal information from the phone.

“They navigated through my personal life and have wanted to extort me through that,” he stated.

David also revealed that since he received the threats, he has been in contact with authorities.

“The criminals know that we are watching them closely and here in the United States, the FBI, the DEA and now in the Dominican Republic the Intelligence Department and the police,” he shared. “They are taking action over this.”

He also knows that the hackers have been reaching out to fans of his and is asking them not to accept anything from them.

“Because it was something totally illegal,” David stressed. “Besides that, this same person six months ago did bank fraud on my bank accounts. … I wouldn’t want any of my beautiful people from the Dominican Republic to get involved in this. And take part in this. Because we are taking legal action. Because this has to do with fraud and extortion.”

Just a few years ago, David and his wife of 25 years, Tiffany, split up.

We wonder what “personal information” he’s so concerned about. Watch his video below.


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