Darren Wilson Not Expected to Face Civil Rights Charges in Death of Michael Brown


It appears that Darren Wilson will get off scot-free in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Although the decision has yet to be announced, according to The New York Times, the U.S. Justice Department has not found sufficient evidence to support filing civil rights charges against the officer.

While Wilson is expected to be the recipient of good news, the same cannot yet be said for the Ferguson Police Department.

Aside from Wilson’s investigation, the Justice Department is also investigating the Ferguson Police Department for its overall track record with minorities (it has long been accused of racial profiling and further misconduct).

If misconduct is found, the Ferguson Police Department will likely face reform and not punitive action, however.

Although countless individuals and communities across the world will be upset with this decision, we’re hoping the Brown family files a civil lawsuit against Wilson and the Ferguson Police Department and comes out victorious.

Our thoughts are with the Brown family, the residents of Ferguson and everyone across the country and world fighting to end police brutality and racial injustice.

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